Get a feature-rich, easy-to-use point of sale software that helps manage and grow your retail and service business. Deploy the best in class tools for POS, Inventory, HR and Marketing. Access Business Intelligence to make informed decisions. Start your 30-day free trial.

Point of Sale

Simple User Interface

Enter Sales, collect payments and Checkout customers with just a few clicks. Employee training takes only minutes for quick implementation and ROI.

Works on any device

PC, Mac, iPad or Android – Verve works on all devices of your choice. A uniform experience across all platforms!

Easy Sell-screens

Verve automatically creates instant sell-screens, conveniently grouped for similar items from your product catalog. Just click the product-image to add and checkout.

Quick Sale module

Designed to ring-up miscellaneous sales, take payments from customers in seconds with this alternate sales screen.

No Internet, No problem

If your internet goes down, you can still enter Sales transactions. The system will update itself once you get the network back.

Customize Your Receipts

Add a Logo to promote your branding. Insert Terms of Sale & Refund Policy to include with every receipt.

Send Receipts Digitally

Encourage your customers to Go Green! Reduce paper consumption by emailing receipts.

Cash Control

a built-in Cash Register provides complete cash control features, from Opening and Closing Tills, doing interim Cash drops, and tracking all Petty Cash expenses. “Blind Reconciliation” option lets you track any Shortage/Overage with each Till Closing.

Eliminate Refund Fraud

Verve prevents duplicate returns, allows refunds to original payment type and updates inventory in real-time. You can also opt to receive an instant alert if a refund is done at any register.

Restocking Fee

create customized rules to apply any restocking fees on returns.

Sales & Use Taxes

create multiple taxes and create custom rules to apply by locations and products


Product Catalog

Create all Products and Services you sell, Group and Categorize for analytical reporting, Edit on the fly, even import existing lists.


Track all your Vendors, Inventory Purchase & Return amounts, and view Vendor Balance Payables. Receive Inventory for seamless tracking and Reduce Overstock/Unsold items to maintain Stock Efficiency & Improve Profits.

Inventory Reconciliation

Run partial or full inventory counts and instantly receive notification of any shortage. Save a partially done count and resume at a later time.

Label printing

Create customized barcode labels for your products from within Verve with a scannable code, description, and pricing.

Complete Inventory Control

View inventory levels and get low-stock alerts anywhere you are. Verve provides comprehensive analytics to help optimize inventory and maximize profits.

Automatic Ordering

Never run short on fast-moving items by letting Verve automatically re-order stock from preferred vendors based on preset reorder levels.

Employee Management

Create User Accounts

Create unique credentials for each staff member to help track all activities and performance.

Track Hours worked

Verve helps track hours worked by each employee, and helps you determine staffing patterns over time to minimize labor costs and maximize customer experience. Admins can edit the time-cards if needed.

Customize Access

Create multiple User Profiles to restrict access to Verve as needed. You can exclude Employees from entire sections of the portal, limit the viewing of specific data, and even prevent from making changes to transactions.


Enterprise-grade hosting

Verve is securely hosted at Enterprise-grade, HIPAA- and PCI-compliant servers. Our goal is to provide the highest level of reliable service to our customers.

Cloud Security

Our servers are monitored 24/7/365 by cyber-security experts, pro-actively responding and resolving any actionable events.

Proactive Threat Management

Advanced threat intelligence, analysis from 150+ threat feeds and dark web monitoring keep us a step ahead.


From file integrity monitoring to vulnerability scanning and log & event management, we leverage proven and emerging technologies.

BI & Analytics


Verve Executive and Sales Dashboards to provide a snapshot of critical metrics. View Sales, Inventory and Employee data for quick-analysis from anywhere, even on the go from your smartphone!


Verve comes with tons of reporting built-in, so you can get detailed data on any operational aspect of your business. Create and customize the reports, refine by various available filters and sorts, and get the precise data you need for analysis and decision-making.

Reporting Automation

Get selected reports delivered to your inbox for added convenience. Receive Daily, Weekly and Monthly digest of relevant data-points from a cross-section of activities across your company.

Real-time Alerts

Verve can notify you in real-time based on selected trigger-points. For example, you can receive an alert when inventory is added, or a sales invoice modified. This helps you take proactive action for superior management.


Customer Snapshot

You can view complete customer details including their contact info and transaction history. View all customers in one, convenient place, and communicate by email with one-click.

Loyalty Rewards

Assign Loyalty points to your products, and keep customers coming back. Customers can view their loyalty balance online, and redeem at point-of-sale.

Import Existing List

Have existing customer data you want to integrate into Verve? We make it easy! Import all customer info, including address, phone number, and emails.

Customer Engagement

Send your customers beautiful, customized emails to create a personal connection.

Get Much More


Verve supports you as you grow your business. Add new locations instantly. Setup temporary locations like pop-up stores for special events. Add extra registers to service holiday rush and sales & promotions.


Verve provides a localized experience in over 100 countries by giving you the ability to serve your customers in the local language and currencies. See a list of supported countries here.

Gift Cards

Offer Gift Cards to your customers as an additional revenue source. Gift Cards can be physical or digital, and you can set an expiration date.

Loyalty Program

Reward your customers for their purchases and keep your customers coming back. Verve tracks loyalty points awarded and redeemed. Customers can even check their balance online.


Verve works on almost any equipment you may already have – PC/Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. We can also provide an elegant touch-screen based system for your business. Learn more here.


Add another revenue source with the E-Commerce store capability from Verve – we make it easy! Customers can purchase from your entire catalog, make payment, and opt for pick-up or get it shipped.

Accounting & Payroll

Verve integrates with Xero and QuickBooks and syncs your sales and financial data in real-time, allowing you to prepare accounting statements and run employee payroll. Check partner sites for availability of services and pricing.

Professional Services

Get access to certified Verve professionals for additional hands-on assistance – whether you need onboarding and initial setup assistance, or need to bring your team up-to-speed.

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